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Gr 6-9-In this overly ambitious effort, Fireside attempts to describe the need for, the preparation of, and the execution of the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials following World War II. The result is only partially successful since it is very difficult to analyze the conduct of six years of war, the assembling of facts and testimonies, and the actual conduct of the trials in one short volume. The book opens with a narrative based on the author's interview with a former American soldier who helped liberate Dachau. The second chapter is devoted to the deliberations over what should be considered a war crime and who should be charged. Subsequent chapters describe the manner in which the trials were arranged and conducted by the Allies. Though the defendants and their roles in the Holocaust are briefly described, very little background information is included and it is sometimes difficult to keep all of the individuals straight. Unfamiliar words and terms are printed in italics and explained in parentheses. The vintage photos are familiar ones that often appear in other books on the era. While the documentation of source notes is extensive, the list for further reading is heavily slanted toward other Enslow titles. This volume will be best appreciated by readers who already have some knowledge of the subject. A marginal purchase.-Eldon Younce, Harper Elementary School, KSCopyright 2001 Cahners Business Information, Inc.

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